discuss the relationship of love and hate in this play "othello"?

answer shouls be in 3 paragraphys

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Love and hate are seen as absolutes but Othello: there is no in-between. Iago exploits Othello's superficial understanding of human nature. Misrepresentation allows Iago to gain trust and manipulate other people; he is able to appear to be "honest," in order to deceive and misdirect people. Although the word "honest" is usually used in an ironic way throughout the text, most characters in the play go through a crisis of learning who and who not to trust. Most of them, unfortunately, trust in Iago's honesty; this leads to the downfall of many characters, as this trust in Iago's "honesty" became a crucial contributor to their undoing. Discovering or uncovering reality would have changed the course of the play. It is "love" and "hate" that become so distorted in Othello's mind that the narrative marches to its tragic ending.