discuss othello's relationship to desdimona. does he truely loe her?

othello truly loves desdemona but jealousy is a great enemy of man's wisdom, it makes man unable to differentiate between right and wrong, that is also happened with Othello and he ruined in the long run.

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Yes Othello does love Desdemona but in a way particular to Shakespearian plays. Men in Shakespearian plays tended to fall into an obsessive infatuation with their women. My old English prof. called it "the Modonna/Hoer complex". A woman is either virtuous or angelic or she is loose/lacking in morals. There is no in-between. Othello is a great example of this and even foreshadows what things might be like if he ever doubts his love, "But I do love thee! and when I love thee not, Chaos is come again". Othello does love his perfect Desdemona but it is conditional based on the illusion of perfection. Womanly perfection is easily shattered when doubt is planted in Othello's mind. Being labeled a cuckold (man who has a wife that cheats) is perhaps the greatest insult. To manly Othello this fabrication unravels him and turns his worship/love of Desdemona to hate.