Could you summarise the plot of othello?

Can you do it in 10 to 20 bullet points, and with some quotes?

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Here goes:

- Othello is a moor (black) general in the Greek army.

-Othello falls in love with Desdemona (she's white)and they both want to get married.

-Iago (Othello’s right hand man) is pure evil. He gets his friends to tell Desi's father that she is "making the beast with two backs". (Sory,That's the quote I recall!)

-Iago is determined to destroy pretty much all the important characters.

-Iago manufactures a lie around a handkerchief meaning that Desi is cheating on Othello.

-Being a cuckold (especially Othello) is worse than having your eyes gouged out with a tin can.

=Othello ends up murdering poor Desi (Desdemona)

-Finding out the truth Othello kills himself.

-others die/ mass carnage in Othello's bedroom.