Oryx and Crake

What role does Crake play in Jimmy's life?

How does jimmy change as a result? Do you think Jimmy uses crake as a replacement for anybody in his life? 

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Crake introduces Jimmy to a new world. It is a scary world commodifying sex, love, virtue, and nature. The content of the various explicit websites, self-reproducing chicken parts, the identity of Oryx, genetically spliced animals, and the images projected by the drug companies all constitute examples of altered realities. Crake's long-thought development of the Crakers is the best-documented example of an intangible reality becoming tangible. Another example of an interpretation of reality occurs with the dissatisfaction of Jimmy's mother with Compound life, which she views as a disingenuous form of living. Jimmy ceases to hold on to traditional forms of commitment and ethics for a world and genetics that are all about explotation.