Oryx and Crake

What responsibility does a moral society owe to an individual

in the first chapter page 25 

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This is a pretty huge question. I'll try my best to give you an idea in this short space. One of the themes of Attwood's Dystopia is the decline of Western Civilization. In this future, everything is a commodity and humans have abandoned any inherent responsibility to each other. 

Almost everything can be had and watched, for a price. Jimmy and Crake's friendship is built upon watching hours upon hours of execution, live suicide, animal killing, and pornography. Their world is one of spectacle. The CorpSeCorps don't seem to care about this but instead concentrate their efforts on those who are against such a lifestyle.

In everyday life, appearance drives the economic market for beauty enhancing products. OrganInc, AnooYoo, and RejoovenEsense all make their money on this seemingly global desire. The need to look good is necessary as nearly everything is broadcast and everyone wants to look his or her best.

Even as the virus is destroying the world, the pattern continues. Several individuals broadcast their respective demises on the internet for the surviving few to witness.