Oryx and Crake

What does this passage mean/ infer? Chapter 5

“The people in the chaos were full of chaos themselves, and the chaos made them do bad things. They were killing other people all the time. And they were eating up all the Children of Oryx, against the wishes of Oryx and Crake. Every day they were eating them up. They were killing them and killing them, and eating them and eating them. They ate them even when they weren’t hungry.”

How to analyze this passage (Chapter 5)?

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Crake thought he removed the desire to worship a higher being. Ironically, it appears that Crake has unwittingly taken the role of a deity in the Crakers’ world. The Crakers long to have a history, which ultimately proves many of Crake’s hypotheses incorrect. Snowman was left to supply the Crakers with some kind of mythology to connect with. The Crakers have no understanding of Crake's world: Snowman's stories, like the one above, only serve to isolate the Crakers even more.