Oryx and Crake

what are some quotes from oryx and crake involving classism

I need some examples of quotes from oryx and crake involving classism can you also please provide the page number

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"Do you think they're really being executed?" [Jimmy] said. "A lot of them look like simulations." Pg 83

"That everything has a price."

"Not everything. That can't be true. You can't buy time. You can't buy... " He wanted to say love, but hesitated. It was too soppy.

"You can't buy it, but it has a price," said Oryx. "Everything has a price."

"Not me," said Jimmy, trying to joke. "I don't have a price."

Wrong, as usual. 138

This passage reflects the nature of the society in which the protagonists live. The economy of the world is extremely market driven as everything is for sale. This creates great differences in economic classes.

"So, you'd need more sick people. Or else-- and it might be the same thing-- more diseases. New and different ones. Right?"

"Stands to reason," said Jimmy after a moment. It did, too. "But don't they keep discovering new diseases?"

"Not discovering," said Crake. "They're creating them." 210