Oryx and Crake

How do I prove Crake is a villain?

I have to write an essay proving Crake as a villain and was wondering if I could find out ways in which I could prove it

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First you need to create an analysis of Crake..... characterize him, what are the different traits the author reveals and what things might you infer. nThen take those things and prove or disprove them using textual evidence.

Gradesaver's character analysis;


Glenn, renamed Crake during the playing of Extinctathon, is Jimmy's peer and best friend. He is a brilliant student and spends most of his time living in a world of ideas.

After high school, he attends the prestigious Watson-Crick Institute where he buds into a formidable geneticist. His talents in this field as well as his unique philosophies ultimately lead to his creation of a group of humanoids later referred to as the Crakers.

Over the course of the novel, Crake turns from boy to brilliant teenager to mad scientist. Crake meets his demise after slitting Oryx's throat in front of Jimmy, who shoots him."

This analysis can be used as a foundation. You'll need to cite specific occurences in the text to prove Crake's journey into that of a mad scientist.