Oryx and Crake

• In Oryx and Crake, what do the children of Crake do that would surprise Crake if he witnessed it? why would it surprise him?

I cannot figure out why anything they do surprises Crake, I do not understand the answer

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Do you recall a chapter of this ?

It is in chapter 14, but I still cannot figure it out

On his approach to the Crakers’ settlement, Snowman hears strange noises. As he gets closer, he realizes that the Crakers are chanting, sitting in a circle with a hideous effigy in its center. They bang on various objects to accompany the chanting. When they spot him, the Crakers break out into enthusiastic cries. They touch him and tell him that they were calling out to him in their chants. The effigy was a picture of him, made to assist their voices reach him. Snowman thought of how Crake would have disapproved of this. Crake had tried his best to eliminate the desire to create art and worship idols from the Crakers.