What role does honor play in the novel?

How does it define the characters? Who displays honor and in what way?

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Oroonoko does his best to appear honourable even though he is a slave. His very presence inspires awe in people. He is powerful and proud. In the end he refuses to live a slave or have his unborn baby live like one. His wife wants to die with honour rather than live a slave with her baby. Aboan is Oroonoko's true friend in Coramantien, who helps him enter the otan to visit Imoinda. Most of the white characters lack honour. Guys like Byam the deputy-governor of Surinam betrays Oroonoko by having him whipped and put to death. The narrator seems honourable, she is young English woman, based on the author Aphra Behn, who visits Surinam and befriends Oroonoko.