What do Oroonoko's eyes see?

By highlighting the way he 'sees' the British, through different representations presented throughout the text

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British views on marriage;

Oroonko promises Imoinda that despite the fact that his countrymen take as many wives as they can maintain, he will never take another wife, even after Imoinda is old and her beauty has fled. He will remember that her soul is young.

Oroonko believes the British to be honest through their own representation, but soon learns they are not. Byam pretends friendship and promises freedom, but later hunts Oroonko down and whips him..... then orders him put to death. Byam is deceitful- he acted with kindness but in the end represented what Oroonko came to know as the "two faces" of the British. One face was kind and friendly- the other plotting and deceitful.


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