One Hundred Years of Solitude

grrr... i hate this book!

this book is too long and boring!!!

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It is very interesting

theres so much more to it than what is actually presented,

if iwere you i'd read it again,

but your entitled to your own opinions xD

Hey Tim M.

I agree. 100 hours of boredom.

I think it is a scam on the literary world.

I'm training myself to not criticize or complain but I have a lot of work to do here on this turkey.

Tellmond Richter

my teacher told me that it's a very good book.. But with the comments here, I feel like reading the book to criticize it on my own and to see if it's really boring or interesting. :)

You are too dense to understand or appreciate art

It's my favorite book. Definitely not an easy read, but it is entertaining and masterfully written.