One Hundred Years of Solitude

buendia family

I am very confused by the repetition of family members and names in the book. can anyone help?

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You can look at the buendia family tree that comes in some editions and can be easily found on the internet.

the good thing is though, that the characters who share names also characteristics?

its ment to almost further establish the presence of nostalgia in the book,

or at least thats how i interpreted it

character traits of the Buendia men are almost the same in that the Aurelianos have many similar traits as do the Arcadios except for that of Aureliano twins, Segundo and Jose Arcadio who have opposite traits (Jose Arcadio has the Aurelian trait and vice versa). The Buendia women are more alive and domestic in nature - Ursula, Fernando, Sofia and also Amaranta Ursula.