One Hundred Years of Solitude

100 years of solitude

This is the most boring book I've ever read.

Absolutely the only reason I am finishing it is because two closse friends, whose literary acumen starts where mine stops.

I have 4 chapters left to read. I have printed out a lot of commentaries, SparkNotes for one, and I will read them after I finish the novel.

One of the astute friends, above mentioned, said that the author wraps it all up nicely in the end.

I have been in AA 31 years sober and have become more and more convinced that God is in everything, and that my sole pathway to happiness is doing God's will as best I understand it. I have prayed often during the last few days during my reading of this book that I am doing God's will. He says OK, you are.

Bottom line: I am the happiest of all men, 85 years old, survivor of almost 60 years of stormy marriage, wife subject to deep deep depression, during which she becomes vindictive, like Abraham Lincoln's wife. Bu when she gets like that, like THIS (she's deeply depressed today) I just love her in every way I can think of, and although none of that works, I don't try to FIX her or argue, I just sit back and thank God for whatever it is that she is going through, plus thanking God than I am the hpappiest of all men, with the possible exception of whoever reads this thing through.

God is so good.

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I hope you are doing well Tellmond. I'm only a teenager and haven't seen the world much outside of my sheltered home, but it seems to me like you deserve some peace. I only pray that you have found some and that you are still indeed the happiest of all men.

Take care,