One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Why don't the Acutes take part in the vote? What does the control panel symbolize?

These are questions i have to answer in english class.

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McMurphy wanted to change the schedule around so the men could watch the World Series during the day and do the cleaning work at night. McMurphy expects the nurses to oppose him and his fellows to support him. McMurphy attempts to round up a vote for the schedule change. McMurphy claims that he is going to break out of the institution by lifting up the control panel in the tub room and throwing it through the window. He tries to lift it, but it weighs far too much. The control panel symbolizes the control the institution, nurse Ratched, has on McMurphy and all the men. The control is too strong and too entrenched for McMurphy to rebel against hence the weight of the panel.