One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

what is the main function of chapter 23?

I am writing a 10-page essay on what the main function of chapter 23 is in the story. In other words, why is chapter 23 in the book? What is significant about it? I need LOTS and LOTS of specific quotes from this chapter. How is the book structured (turning points, climaxes, etc.) and how this chapter fits into progress.

Also, what techniques of writing are unique in this chapter than the others? What is the mood in this chapter?

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This is a bit mutch for this short answer forum but hopefully this helps:

Nurse Ratched has reasserted her control over the institution in Chapter Twenty-Three, again a mother or a warden who dominates the men. She speaks to them in utterly condescending terms, even referring to them as “boys” and treating them as children who cannot accept any sense of responsibility. Having treated these men with such great disrespect and taking away something of value to McMurphy, she triggers his anger. He responds with impudence. When he breaks the glass, this is the first physically aggressive action he takes against Nurse Ratched. This brings the confrontation between the two characters back to the fore, for McMurphy is aggressively acting out on behalf of the privileges of the patients. He is taking a risk in that the act will mean a longer stay in the institution, but at this moment his anger or rebellion is stronger than such a fear.