One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

what are 2 diction examples of the characterization of nurse ratched that represent power, control,greed

chapter 1

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"She nods once to each. Precise, automatic gesture. Her face is smooth, calculated, and precision-made, like an expensive baby doll, skin like flesh-colored enamel, blend of white and cream and baby-blue eyes, small nose, pink little nostrils-everything working together except the color on her lips and fingernails, and the size of her bosom." (ch 1)

Notice the powerful control metaphors.

"She's calm, smiling, lost in the work of loading the needles. "Comfort and an easy life, for instance; the feeling of power and respect, perhaps; monetary gain-perhaps all of these things. Sometimes a manipulator's own ends are simply the actual disruption of the ward for the sake of disruption." (ch 1)

Notice how the diction points to her mechanical calmness as she talks about McMurphy's reasons for being there and his powers of manipulation. There is an icy calmness about her yet the irony of her own strong powers of manipulation comes through.