One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

In what ways does the novel challenge us to reconsider our notion of who is and isnt suffering from a mental illness?

Please show Examples from the book with citations. Thanks

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I know you asked this question a few days ago, and I thought someone would pick up on it, but I guess they didn't. I don's have a hard copy available to give you exact examples and citations....... my best advice would be for you to look at the characters and notice why some of them really don't belong..... then ask what they've done to make sure they can stay. Then look at the character who'd like to get out and then the reasons they can't do just that.

The diagnosis of mental illness has been misused for centuries, and it continues even today. People are voluntarily admitted or forcibly committed every day....... many of these people are not mentally ill. There are also people who fit the bill and know their way around the diagnosis, people who know exactly what to say to keep themselves out of the hospital, and yet people who really could use help. It's a vicious circle.