One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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Can anyone help me with this research and make and essay about it? It is write a comparison between the novel, the current system and the research on the treatment of mentally challenge people in united states.

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I cannot help with the research on mental institutions, but a good essay could focus on how Cuckoo's Nest is an exaggerated version of what exists today, or perhaps what existed in the 1960s. Kesey was experimenting with LSD back then, so part of the drug culture plays a big role in the view of mental instability, a role that may not be relevant in the current system.

I am writing a short report for a college class on the difference in mental hopitals today compared to those depicted in the movie. What are the primary differences? How have these changes come about? Would the people in this movie be living in our society today with outpatient treatment and medications? etc.

What college are you attending? If you are in a major urban center, you could talk to your health services department and ask them for some references to mental health physicians on campus.

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Sounds like they want unabashed praaise for the current mental health system: give them that.