One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

4. How does Chief Bromden change? 5. What happened to Cheswick?

Chapter 16-18 in One flew over the Cuckoo's nest.

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4) Bromden changes because he comes out of the fog and sees the world around him. He awakens, literally and figuratively, and watches the dog outside the window. For the first time in ages, he is truly aware of the outside world. He is acknowledging it and feels in some way a part of it; he is not simply ignoring it or afraid of it. He can conceive of existence outside of the institution in ways that he could not imagine before.

5) At the group meeting in Chapter 18, Cheswick complains that he wants something done about the cigarettes and whines that they are treating him like a child. Two of the black boys drag him away to the Disturbed Ward. McMurphy does not say a thing during the meeting. He has chosen to give in because it is the smart thing to do. The next time that the inmates go to the pool, Cheswick immediately dives into the pool after telling McMurphy that he wishes something had been done. He gets his fingers stuck in the grate at the bottom of the pool and drowns.