One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


Tensions mount as McMurphy finally crosses the line when he takes the patients hostage and goes for a joy ride on the boat. Several serious crimes are committed, yet there is no real harm caused by his actions. Is this a harmless prank? A crime? Or is it therapeutic for the patients to actually venture out into the real world? Support your argument. 

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All of McMurphy's exploits may be against institution rules but they serve a much broader context. The irony is that everything he does is actually therapy for the patients. MccMurphy's "stunts" serve as an emacipation for the men from the stifling conformity demanded by Nurse Ratched and the mental institution. McMurphy's pranks make the men feel alive. They feel life again and the thrill of being part of something vibrant. Yes, McMurphy delivers the kind of therapy these men need.