One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

1. How do we know that Bromden is an unreliable narrator? 2. Give examples from the text showing how the patients are treated like children.

Chapter 6-9.

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The Chief still seems unreliable as a narrator in that he is apt to completely lose track of reality at the slightest trigger. He normally does not dream because of the pills that plunge him into heavy slumbers. He experiences frequent "fogs" in his brain and is confused.

2. "She stops and nods at some of the patients come to stand around and stare out of eyes all red and puffy with sleep. She nods once to each. Precise, automatic gesture."

"She smiles and closes her eyes again and shakes her head gently. "Of course, you may take the suggestion up with the rest of the staff at some time, but I'm afraid everyone's feelings will correspond with mine..."