One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

what do the men know about senka

in the story one day in the life of ivan deisovich

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First off, like a lot of the characters in Gang 104, Senka is a mystery. We get hints about who he is and what he did before he was in the camp, but overall we don't know much about him. Even his own gang finds him curious and mysterious:

Senka Klevshin made out through is deafness some talk about escaping and said loudly: "I've escaped three times and been caught three times."

The long-suffering Senka was mostly silent. Couldn't hear and didn't butt in. So nobody knew much about him. (385-386)

What's funny about this section is that Shukhov goes on to list a fairly extensive amount of things they do know about Senka, the action-hero adventure. Silent and mysterious as he is, the gang, and the reading audience, arguably know as much about Senka as they do any other character. Senka is particularly notable though because his backstory is so crazy and because he arguably inspires the most curiosity.

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