One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

How is Shukhov a Dynamic Character?

How does the protagonist Shukhov change over the course of the day described in the novel?

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This is interesting. You know, I'd argue that Shukhov doesn't change more than we see the true soul of a man that has been stripped down of everything. We never really get to know Shukhov the man rather we get to see snippets of Shukhov the prisoner. He is slowly worn away of all the emotional and physical defences that we all count on everyday. All this guy wants to do is survive and we see his very essence. We see Shukhov in all his desolation as well as his small victories. We see Shukhov not as simply a prisoner but as a soldier, farmer, carpenter and survivor. He does all these things with such ingenuity, we can't help at marvel. The core of this man reflects the core of the human will to survive and, by the end of the story, even have one "happy" day in Hell. So the change in Shukhov that we do see is simply a man who bears his soul in all his agony and hope.