One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

80. How did Tiurin get on the train? What good fortune did he have once he was on board? How did he repay this good fortune in the future?

section 3 and 4

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Tiurin continues, telling how he hopped a wall into the train station and was helping a girl fill up her kettle when the train left. They both hopped on the moving train together, and he found himself in a coach with six girls, Leningrad students. They hid him on the top berth when he explained his situation, and in '35 helped one of them in the camps by getting her a job in a tailoring shop when she'd been working on a hard labor team. He went home and left with his younger brother that same night. They went to Frunze, where he got a group of road workers to promise to teach his brother - who he hasn't seen since - how to live. Though the whistle hasn't blown yet, Tiurin tells the men to get to work, mixing mortar. Shukhov goes to chip the ice off the existing wall, and Kilgas, who doesn't depend so much on rations because of the food packages he receives, is slower to go. Shukhov tells Pavlo he'll be the fourth man for block laying, and Pavlo says in that case he will make the mortar himself. He and Kilgas go up to the second story and Senka follows them there.