Once Upon a Time

What step do the parents take to ensure their family safety

From the short story once upon a time

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They decide to follow the advice of the father's mother and their trusted housemaid and increase their protective plans. They install an electronic gate due to the wife's concerns with rioters breaking in. Later, they increase the size of the wall, install metal bars on the windows, and add a burglar alarm.

Soon after these precautions are put into place, they see their cat jumping over their newly reinforced walls. The wife argues that if their cat can jump the wall, then anyone can. She decides to install barbed wire atop their wall. One evening, after the barbed wire has been installed, the wife tells a story to her son about Prince Charming who bravely climbed through a terrible thorn thicket to save Sleeping Beauty. The story reminds the son of their new barbed wire fence, and one night, he decides to replicate the story. He takes a ladder and scales the wall, quickly getting himself entangled in the barbed wire. His frantic screams alert the housemaid and itinerant gardener, who struggle to help him. The parents run out to see what has happened. The story ends with them all returning inside, carrying their now dead son.