Oliver Twist

What observation does Oliver make regarding the mourners at a funeral? Look at the text and try to use specific phrases.


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The funeral is pretty depressing. Only Oliver, the husband, and the mother are in attendance. THe place is a rat infested shack and nobody was to go near the deceased woman for fear of catching a disease,

"The man's face was thin and very pale; his hair and beard were grizzly; his eyes were bloodshot. The old woman's face was wrinkled; her two remaining teeth protruded over her under lip; and her eyes were bright and piercing. Oliver was afraid to look at either her or the man. They seemed so like the rats he had seen outside.

'Nobody shall go near her,' said the man, starting fiercely up, as the undertaker approached the recess. 'Keep back! Damn you, keep back, if you've a life to lose!' "