Oliver Twist

What conclusions can you draw about Mr. Bumble's character given his conversation with Mrs. Mann? What is the author trying to tell us about his character?(Note: there are the comic relief of the action of the novel at this point.)

Chapter 17-19

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Mr. Bumble goes to Mrs. Mann’s orphanage to tell her that he is going to London to deal with a legal matter, as appointed by the board. Mrs. Mann tells Mr. Bumble that Dick is still very ill, and Mr. Bumble asks to see him. Dick asks if they could write down and keep a message for him, after he has died, to Oliver Twist, which disgusts Mr. Bumble and Mrs. Mann. Mr. Bumble is a a fat and choleric man who takes great joy in abusing those below him. He cares nothing for the welfare of anybody and is more than willing to sell out people if there is money in it for him. While in London, Mr. Bumble sees an advertisement in the paper offering an award for information about Oliver Twist, put out by Mr. Brownlow. Mr. Bumble goes immediately to Mr. Brownlow’s house, where he is taken to see Mr. Brownlow and Mr. Grimwig. Mr. Bumble tells the men everything he knows of Oliver, and Mr. Brownlow pays him.