Oliver Twist

How does the reader know that Mr. Bumble is wealthy—use evidence from the text.


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Mr Bumble is not wealthy, and I've read through the above chapters twice to see if there is something in the text that would lead us to believe him wealthy and found nothing. Textual evidence that would support non-wealth, would be found in those chapters relating to Bumble's wooing of Mrs Corney, and his desire and need for a wealthy wife.

mr bumble is not wealthy,we cant see that in those chapters and neither do we find it any where in the text.what we could say about bumble is that,he is only better than the paupers,and this is simply because is is a parish official,perhaps.his marrying mrs.corney was all about his materialistic character to get part of wealth of the lady,so him being a wealthy character idont think so..atleast not in the text.