Oliver Twist

How does Harry -Rose affair elaborate on the theme of 'marriage for love or for social status'.

This is when Harry propose Rose and she refused.

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Harry and Rose are deeply in love, but she turns him away because she is socially below him in class and status. When Harry declares his longstanding love for Rose, she begs him to forget her because she is below him, and has a blight on her name, which would only serve as an obstacle to him in his progress in the world. She considers it her duty to reject him, for his own good, as well as his friends. Harry accepts this, but asks the one favor of being able to renew his suit one time in the future, to which Rose agrees.

Harry and Rose are both completely self-effacing in their love for each other, each wanting the other’s happiness above their own, and so their love is presented as of the highest sort, even though, at this point, it does not end in marriage. In this instance, social status trumps mutual and abiding love.