Oliver Twist

Dickens makes a point to describe the women who hang out at thee Cripples. How does he do so, and why?

Chapter 26

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".......... and women: some with the last lingering tinge of their early freshness almost fading as you looked: others with every mark and stamp of their sex utterly beaten out, and presenting but one loathsome blank of profligacy and crime; some mere girls, others but young women, and none past the prime of life; formed the darkest and saddest portion of this dreary picture."

Dickens makes a point of describing the women because this is what happened to the girls who hung out and obviously made a living as prostitutes at the Three Cripples. Note; he says the saddest portion of the picture is the "mere girls" or "young women," as they would soon become the earlier picture he paints of women "utterly beaten out."


Charles Dickens/ Chapter 26