Oliver Twist

Describe Oliver's birth and childhood's in the workhouse.

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Oliver Twist is born into a workhouse, but seems unlikely to survive at first. He manages to catch his breath, however, but his mother is not so lucky. After giving him one kiss, she dies. Mrs. Thingummy tells the doctor that she had been brought to the workhouse the night before, after collapsing in the street, so nobody knew her name or where she came from, and Oliver Twist is left an orphan.

There is no one on hand who can nurse Oliver, so the parish authorities send him to an orphanage about three miles away, run by Mrs. Mann, an elderly woman who keeps most of the money meant for the care of the orphans for herself. It is not unusual in this orphanage for the children to die from weakness leading to illness, or accidents arising from neglect. Somehow, though, Oliver makes it to his ninth birthday, although he is rather pale and undersized.

At nine, Oliver is too old to stay in the orphanage, so Mr. Bumble comes to get him and take him back to the workhouse where he was born. There, Oliver is taken before the board, who think he is a fool and decide that he will begin to pick oakum so he can learn a useful trade. (The board has recently instituted a program whereby they will slowly starve those in the workhouse so that there won't be so many of them.)

The boys get so hungry that one threatens to eat the weakest of them if he doesn'™t get more gruel, so they draw straws to decide who will have to ask for more. Oliver is chosen. After finishing his gruel that evening, he approaches the master and asks for more. The master is shocked, strikes a blow at Oliver and calls for Mr. Bumble. Mr. Bumble tells the members of the board, who are outraged. They decide to offer five pounds and Oliver Twist to anyone who will take him off of their hands.

Oliver is confined to a small dark room while the board waits for someone to take him. Mr. Gamfield, a chimney-sweep who is in debt to his landlord and badly needs five pounds, sees the notice for Oliver and offers to take him. The board negotiates with him, and agrees to give him Oliver and a little over three pounds. When Mr. Bumble takes Oliver before the magistrate, however, Oliver can't help but show his terror at having to go with such a scary-looking man, and the magistrate therefore refuses to sign the authorizing papers, and orders the board to take Oliver back to the workhouse.



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Oliver is born to an unknown, single mother in a workhouse. His mother dies shortly after he's born. Oliver is then sent to an orphange where he is neglected. The woman who runs the orphange takes the money meant for the children for herself. When Oliver turns nine, he is sent to the workhouse, where he performs manual labor. He is overworked and underfed.