Oliver Twist

compare and contrast the character of monks and fagin.Support your answer with evidence.

Oliver twist

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Dickens made Fagin a Jew which is unfortunate because Fagin fits the under class anti-Semitic villain of the times. Fagin is just evil exploiting little children for his personal gain. Monks is a bad guy but he does not exploit hundreds of children. He really has it out for Oliver. They are half brothers and Monks really doesn't want Oliver getting father's inheritance. Although Monks does not run an illegal workhouse like Fagin, he certainly tries to get Oliver into a life of crime. If Oliver gets caught breaking the law, then he forfeits his inheritance. Fagin seems content with who he is. He doesn't pretend to represent ideals or lament how society works. Monks, on the other hand, likes to go on long tirades about whatever he finds unfair.