Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens

Who was he? WHen and where did he live? What books did he write? How did he publish his work? How is his work influenced by the time in which he lived?

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Charles Dickens was a British author. He grew up in England where he remained all his life outside of traveling. In his laer years, he bought an estate in Kent... a place he'd always loved. Dickens wrote short-stories for magazines and newspapers before becoming a published author. A majority of his work was completely influences by the times in which he lived, as well as by his own experiences. He learned about the workhouse firsthand when his father was arrested and placed in debtors prison, a situation that required Dickens to work in a warehouse. He wasn't able to finish his schooling until his father's release from jail.

Note: Dickens wrote far too many novels and short-stories to list them on a short-answer forum.