Of Mice and Men

Why does let me think of her, and how does he react to what she say's?

Lenny imagines that aunt Clara is there, wearing glasses and an apron. She is not happy with his behavior. Why does she think of her like this and what is his reaction to what she says. Chapter 6

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Lennie is thinking about how Aunt Clara would react to his situation. She's scolding him and reminding him to behave, to listen to George, and to think about someone other than himself. Aunt Clara is a figment of Lennie's immagination, he can imagine what she would say...... what George would say. His reaction to Aunt Clara is the same as it was in Chapter One when he had a similar conversation with George. He responds that he'll go off and live in the hills, so as not to be any trouble. 

"Lennie moaned with grief. “I know, Aunt Clara, ma’am. I’ll go right off in the hills an’ I’ll fin’ a cave an’ I’ll live there so I won’t be no more trouble to George.”


Of Mice and Men