Of Mice and Men

Why does George not kill himself to????

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Interesting question!

well he doesnt have any family so how is it selfish if his lonley int tha his own choice

Thalia, you talk as if you WISH George would kill himself.

Why would George kill himself? He has no reason to, Lennie wouldnt want anything to happen to George. George can now live knowing Lennie isn't out getting into trouble and he can enjoy the rest of his life and remember Lennie as a good friend.

maybe he thought that if he did thsat then they wou;d be remembered as the man who was killed by his "owner" who then killed himself and he didt want lennies name smudged like that

no kris

that answer fails

Pixie, surely not matter how much George would want to know Lennie isnt out getting in trouble, i doubt he would be able to just enjoy the rest of his life and just remember Lennie as a friend. They were life long partners. Lennie's child like posture and mannor would maybe have annoyed George as some stages, but he obviously deeply loved him, thats why he protected him all of the time. Ray C, thats is a good point, George would never have wanted Lennie's name smudged like that, if George had killed himself, what would that have solved ? nothing really.

i agree with lionel, george wont enjoy his life, he will grieve for lennie, then become angry, and turn into a cynical and pessimistic person like the other guys on the ranch. Lennie kept george from becoming that person by always staying hopeful and optimistic and never forgetting about the dream. That is the most important thing to Lennie, that is one of the few things Lennie remembers. so no, i don't think he will have a good life. Before they go to work on the ranch, when they sleep outside George has a go at Lennie, so he says he will leave but George won't let him.