Of Mice and Men

why does chapter 4 end the same way it begins? what does this say about crooks' fate?

its talking about chapter 4

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The chapter begins with Crooks alone and ends with Crooks alone. Aside from Curly's wife Crooks is perhaps the most tragic character. Isolation is a strong theme in this novella that touches everyone; for Crooks, it envelopes him. He is black and for that reason only, he must live alone. Nothing can or will change for Crooks on this ranch.

The chapter has a cyclical structure as nothing really changes for Crooks. There was a glimmer of hope that he may be able to have someone to converse with, and that he too could have a dream like George and Lennie, but his isolation is more extreme even than theirs, and he returns to the raw solitude of his existence.