Of Mice and Men

why did lennie and george leave their job??

i understand that they needed to get away but why didnt george jus let lennie take the rap and walk away

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George cares about Lennie and feels somewhat responsible for him.

George should have let him take the rap cause he killed him in the end any way.

George kills Lennie humanely. Curley would have made him suffer. It was an act of great friendship. Took a lot of guts, too.

b j, someone like you might do this, but George would not. He is a decent, moral man. He says he won't visit the cat house because he is raising a stake, but he actually is not interested in using women that way; the stake is a good excuse. He could let Lennie go off on his own and die, but he is decent and will not mistreat other people the way you would. The one time he did abuse Lennie, he felt a remorse that you are incapable of. He would never do something as reprehensible as killing others for their valuables. Besides, the other men have no money and no valuables. They have nothing to waste.

"He is a decent, moral man."

Breaking news. Its a story.

i think lennie should have killed george. how would you feel if you just had a stressful day after killing a girl and a dog and then when your thinking of fuzzy bunnys you get shot in the back of the head

you t, what a ridiculous response. Lennie is dead. He cannot kill George. Nor would he want to. Remember how upset he gets when Crooks even suggests that George might be hurt? Lennie loves George and would never hurt him.

because George promised lennies aunt that he would take care of him... and because George cares for lenni