Of Mice and Men

Why did Curley's wife come to see Lennie? What did she tell Lennie?

Chapter 5 of mice and men

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Curley's wife is terribly lonely. She knows she can get Lennie to talk with her while the other men are playing games outside. Lennie easily lets down his guard. Lennie is crying because he has killed his puppy. Curley's wife says he can get another one. She complains about nobody talking to her and then, thinking Lennie is like a child, lets Lennie pet her hair.

Curley's wife is lonely as we know, and we know that she is childish she says "sometimes when I brush my hair I like to stroke it for a little while". Her and Lennie as he acts like a child and likes to feel soft things. Also I believe that Curley's wife obviously knows that Lennie broke Curley's hand and therefore that shows that Lennie is shown as powerful and I think that Curley's wife likes a powerful man and finds that attractive hence the reason why she chose Curley to marry in the first place as he's quite powerful as we know.


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