Of Mice and Men

Who or what is the last thing to enter the bunkhouse in Chapter 2

I got this backwards. ItS from of mice and men

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'After a moment the ancient dog walked lamely in through the open door. He

gazed about with mild, half-blind eyes. He sniffed, and then lay down and put

his head between his paws. Curley popped into the doorway again and stood

looking into the room. The dog raised his head, but when Curley jerked out, the

grizzled head sank to the floor again.'

I'm not sure whether to go with the dog or Curly, but since Curly only popped into the doorway........... I'm going to say the dog.


Of Mice and Men

That would be Carlson.

Sorry,that would be Curly,

Curley enters again and confronts George, asking if his wife has been around. George admits that she was at the bunk house. Curley seems eager to start a fight with anyone.



Thanks! That's all I have so far. You guys are awesome