Of Mice and Men

what were some of whiteys unusual habits

What were some of whiteys unusual habits

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From the text:

"Tell you what," said the old swamper. "This here blacksmith- name of Whitey- was the kind of guy that would put that stuff around even if there wasn't no bugs- just to make sure, see? Tell you what he used to do- At meals he'd peel his boil' potatoes, an' he'd take out ever' little spot, no matter what kind, before he'd eat it. And if there was a red splotch on an egg, he'd scrape it off. Finally quit about the food. That's the kinda guy he was- clean.Used ta up Sundays even when he wasn't going no place, put on a necktie even, and then set in the bunkhouse."

Whitey would sprinkle bug killer, peel his potatoes before eating them, scratch the red splotches out of his eggs, and dress up on Sundays, even if he wasn't going anywhere.


Of Mice and Men