Of Mice and Men

what type of relationship is developing between slim and george

chapter 3

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George finds a kindred spirit in Slim. Although George has Lennie their conversation is very limited. Slim seems to be one that can understand human nature and share similar insights to life and work as George. For Slim, George has a similar disposition. THey are both reflective men and they get along well.

Both George and Slim find kindred spirits in each other. Slim is an introspective gentleman. He understands the politics around the farm and the sensitivities that exist between George and Lennie. In turn George finds another guy with similar intellect and sense of life.

George begins to confide in him; he tells him why they've left their last job, he explains how he came to take care of Lenny, and because he begins to understand....... Slim makes sure that Lenny gets a new pup.


Of Mice and Men