Of Mice and Men

what is the best inroduction for chapter 4?

should be related to all the characters, crooks,lennie, candy and curley's wife

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Chapter 4 takes place on a Saturday night, and is set in the tidy room of Crooks, the Negro stable buck, who tends to the horses and mends the leather items used with the animals. Crook's room is really nothing more than a shed built against the wall of the barn, and is no more homey in appearance than the bunkhouse. This is where he keeps his leather working tools and medicines. His room also contains more personal items, including books. He has a dictionary and a copy of the California civil code. Crooks is himself crooked, bent to the left by a crooked spine....

On this Saturday night, everyone has gone into town. Well, everyone except those who are socially isolated. Crooks is alone until Lennie happens to come for a visit, and although initially uninterested Crooks warms to him. Eventually Candy joins them, and later, even Curly's wife joins in with the misfits in order to nease her loneliness.............