Of Mice and Men

what is curley's reaction to seeing his wife dead? what does this say about his feelings for her?

ch. 5 in the novel

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Curley is mad at Lennie. He wants violent revenge. Ironically he doesn't seem to be too sad over the death of his wife. Now Curley gets to dish out some small-guy complex justice!

I believe that Curley is a little upset about the death of his wife because:

1)he has nothing to show off for anymore

2)he is going to be lonelier than before as we know he did actually talk to his wife sometimes because his wife mentions about him talking about boxing and how she gets bored of it, so he now has no one to talk to apart from his dad, as he never did fit in with the ranch hands, but he's lost his companion

3) in the book it describes him as being red when he sees his dead wife, this suggests that Curley feels, sad, angry and embarrassed and this links with the fact that red has being a theme of curleys wife all the way through the book.

On the other hand he is also feels happy because he can now get his revenge on Lennie for busting up his hand and so now he has a chance to as he says "shoot him in the guts".

He gets a crew together to go after Lennie, he isnt very sad per se, just very angry. To me it feels more like he is just happy to get his revenge for the "hand" incident earlier in the story.

He sings to her twinkle twinkle before bed