Of Mice and Men

What happens in the first chapter?


This is the link for the text ihave to answer all these questions

What happens in the first chapter?
What are the settings?
Which characters are we introduced to?
What do we know about them?
Why are they here?
Find ten words you had trouble understanding and look them up.

Try to use your own words in answering these questions and make it clear when you are quoting by using "quotation marks" and clear indications where it is from (p. x, l. x-x). Try to write as much as you can as this will be you notes for chapter 1.

As described earlier, make a dialectical journal where you find three quotes from the chapter, cite which page they are from, and then write a comment to the quote. Look at the description of dialectical journal for inspiration.

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What happens in the first chapter?

The first chapter serves as the exposition of the book. George and Lennie, two migrant workers during the Great Depression, walk along a trail on the Salinas River just south of Soledad, California. They are on their way to a new ranch, where they hope to be hired to “buck barley,” that is, to haul sacks full of grain. A bus driver recently let them out and told them the ranch was nearby. However, the walk is much longer than they anticipated. We find out that Lennie is a mentally challanged grown man and george is a man who takes care of him. It is the Great Depression and men like George and Lennie travel together looking for work.