Of Mice and Men

What does Candy say about Curley's wife? Is this fair? Why, why not? Why does Steinbeck include this scene? Explain and quote evidence

Chapter 2 of mice and men. Quote evidence from the answers above,

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Candy doesn't respect Curley's wife. Actually nobody really respects her but Candy is pretty plain about how he feels. Candy says that Curley's wife is "purty" but a dangerous flirt. He says that,"She got the eye" and regularly eyes Slim. Candy regards her as a "tart" who can get a guy fired at the drop of a hat. Steinbeck includes this scene to present one of the most lonely and isolated characters in the book. As a temptress, she provides a sense of danger to Lennie and George's dream. George knows Lennie could easily fall prey to her.