Of Mice and Men

What do we learn about the characters and ranch life in chapter 2 of OF Mice and Men

specifically candy, slim and curleys wife

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We learn that Candy is old, that he feels useless, and that he has been on the ranch for a long time. From his interaction with the boss, we can see that Candy is respectful.... even cowering in the face of those he considers his betters.

Curley is a handy boxer, the ranch owner's son, and newly married. He has a "small man's" complex and is constantly trying to prove his prowess.

Curley's wife is a flirt. Candy calls her a "tart", George immediately marks her as a "tramp. She is lonely, pretty, and bored.

Slim is tall, self-confidant, and professional. His work on the ranch marks him as a valuable employee. The text places him in his thirties.... he is described as ageless. Slim is understanding and intelligent.


Of Mice and Men