Of Mice and Men

What do we learn about George & Lennie's relationship from chapters 1-3?

Of mice and men, GCSE question.

Just wanted to know what you all think...

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Basically we learn that Lennie once lived with an Aunt Clara. Before she died she asked George to take care of Lennie. George takes on the role of care taker/parent of Lennie. George looks out for Lennie all the time. He throws his dead mouse away and warns Lennie about drinking stagnant water. We also see that he has just got Lennie out of a tough "situation" in Weed. We learn that George is often frustrated. He frequently speaks about how much easier it would be without Lennie.Both men go through a sort of monologue where they envision life alone. This is simply venting, they soon settle back into the simple companionship that they both need. In the end, George and Lennie share a bond that is unique in a story that is filled with loneliness.

That's really good, especially the last sentance! But don't you think your only going for the most obvious things...