Of Mice and Men

what did george and lennie argue about?

In the first chapter what did they argue about?

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While George heats up their beans, Lennie goes out to collect firewood. On his hunt, he also reclaims the dead mouse that George threw away (he again takes the mouse from Lennie). Lennie then complains that they don’t have ketchup, which sets George off on a rant about having to care for Lennie. After this outburst, George feels ashamed. Lennie apologizes and George admits that he’s “been mean” (14). Lennie passive-aggressively offers to go away and live in a cave so that George can have fun. George resolves this short argument by agreeing to Lennie’s request to “tell about the rabbits,” which is Lennie’s shorthand for “talk about how things will be for us in the future.”