Of Mice and Men

What are three reasons george and lennies dreams can/will never come true

of mice and men

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Lennie kills Curley's wife

Their farm is dependant on money from Candy

Lennie can't control his actions when alone

Reasons why their dream would not be able to come true is because Lennie's mental illness is always causing him to get into truoble. For example, when he killed Curley's Wife, when he did that their dream was completely shattered. There was no way they could have still stayed in the camp and get pay. Thats why George shot him. Also, they are dependent on Candy's money and although it's a lot of money, it's not enough to buy the house and they only recieve 50 dollars a month so it would take 5 month to make 600 dollars (the total amount for the house). They thought that they could bargin and get the house for the amount that Candy had but that didnt happen!